The life sciences specialist

Supporting companies in the science and innovation sector calls for legal and scientific expertise. LSLegal focuses entirely on this sector, and specifically on companies and institutions in the life sciences sector. LSLegal can draw on a wealth of expertise and experience in many areas, including intellectual property, patent law, pharmaceutical law, pharmaceutical advertising law, health law and civil and administrative procedural law. Thanks to her scientific background, Anke has an in-depth understanding of the issues you face and is able to give you clear and practical advice. In bigger lawsuits and cases, the team can, with your agreement, call on other specialists from LSLegal’s network.

National and international clientèle

LSLegal serves both small businesses and renowned Dutch and international companies around the world. Although many of these are innovative pharmaceutical and biotech companies and knowledge institutions, innovative SMEs also turn to LSLegal, particularly for matters relating to patent rights.

Advising and litigating

LSLegal is familiar with the setting in which your company operates, so is able to respond swiftly to common questions. Being a regular litigator on the cutting edge, LSLegal is able to offer you and your company legally sound support and advice. We have a keen eye for the relevant details, based on realistic expectations.

Clear fee structure

LSLegal likes to make clear and realistic financial arrangements with the client before starting work. Such clarity instils confidence, which is the foundation for the best working relationship.