Areas of law

Law firm LSLegal focuses on innovative businesses and academic institutions in the life sciences sector. The firm’s legal expertise is centred around the complete life cycle of products, covering a number of areas of law: from all the legal aspects of undertaking and applying scientific research to protecting the market positions of pharmaceuticals.

LSLegal specialises in intellectual property, patent law, pharmaceutical law, pharmaceutical advertising law, health law, general contract law and civil and administrative procedural law. LSLegal also has extensive experience of compliance and codes of conduct and their enforcement by exercising the right of complaint.

Clients of LSLegal receive legal advice on the entire product development life cycle:


Intellectual property (protection, infringement)
Scientific integrity
Licence agreements, patents and know-how
Publications and copyright
R&D collaboration agreements


Clinical research agreements
Co-development agreements for pharmaceuticals
Study sponsor agreements
EU food supplement notifications
Representation with regard to government measures and objections and other procedures


Representation with regard to government law enforcement
Compliance with the code for pharmaceutical advertising (advertising and inducements)
Software-supported medicinal use
Marketing of health services
Protection of personal data